Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Roofer

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The Summer is usually the time when most people in the Chicago area start when getting roof replacements. ?While most roofers are honest and reputable, there are always the few that give roofers a bad name. In this article, you will discover some good questions to ask before hiring a roofer.

Choosing?a Roofer in Plainfeild, IL

roof_replacementWhen hiring a roofer, it is important to know these answers before making a decision. Roof replacement costs can add up quick if not careful. Knowing the right questions to ask can make a world of difference. ?So let’s dig in. ?The first thing you want to ask any roofer is if they are licensed, bonded and insured. ?Having an uninsured contractor on your property can be a major liability for you if your roofer is not properly covered. ?Make sure and verify these before hiring any contractor.

Be sure to ask all roofers to disclose the brand names and quantities of materials to be used. ?Always have the roofer credit you for unused materials. ?Some roofers pad customer invoices with extra materials to run the bill up and return the unused portions. ?It is a good idea to have it in writing exactly how much they are going to clean the debris and what will be done to protect your house, shrubs, and any other property from falling debris. Lastly, make sure the roofer explains all warranty facets with you before signing any papers

Before Filing and Insurance Claim

If there is hail damage, be sure and check with your home insurance company to find out how much your rates will increase before making a claim. Sometimes, the increase in premium may not justify the roof replacement, but many times,getting a whole new roof is worth the small increase in your homeowners insurance. ?Like they always say, Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware. ?By following these tips, you can be well assured you?won’t have any surprises.